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Astronomy as part of sustainable business - a message from the Principal Consultant

Inspiring Skies really came about because I noticed that a lot of companies (big and small) wanted to offer some sort of astronomy to their clients and community. I think this is truly amazing as everyone should have as much access to the sky as possible. What I found though is a lot of companies and individuals are hesitant on setting up astronomy outreach properly.

This comes back to the fact that astronomy is a niche area (especially within tourism and hospitality industry) and a lot of companies simply do not know how to go about setting up astronomy experiences.  Setting up astronomy in a correct way is crucial for guest satisfaction, also for making your company different from your competitors, and to ensure a revenue stream that covers the initial setup and on-going operational costs.

​This is where my company comes in. I have firsthand experience in setting up sustainable astronomy for businesses and from this experience I decided to branch out and start my own astronomy consulting business. This means I can be at the leading front of helping the next generation of businesses deliver great reviewed astronomy outreach programs. While at the same time I can make each of my clients more competitive in their industry and help them create a potentially new revenue stream.

​My goal is simple, allow myself or an Inspiring Skies team member in to your property and from there we will work out the best astronomy experiences you can deliver. We will work out which equipment you need and find you the best possible quotes. From there when you get the equipment we can come back install everything for you. After that, we can help run your experiences initially as we train your staff in public speaking, astronomy and technical equipment skills.

​Allowing us to set up your astronomy leads to a win-win-win situation. Your guests now get an amazing astronomy experience, your business is now running astronomy separating you from your competitors and it can now bring in enough revenue to cover all costs (equipment, consultant, maintenance and operating costs). The third win is more personal because empowering your business to deliver astronomy means that my belief that everyone across the world should have as much access to the sky as possible, takes another step forward.

​I am truly passionate about astronomy (it's all that I live and breathe). It is my greatest hope that you will allow Inspiring Skies to help your business deliver astronomy to your clients. Together we can empower your patrons to look up and in return they can learn, get excited and maybe even fall in love with astronomy, just like I did all those years ago

Please get in touch with us today if you think we might be able to help.

​Kindest regards,

Mike Dalley

(Principal Consultant)

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