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Empowering our clients through innovation

If you are wanting to implement astronomy in your home or at your business, to give back to staff, offer a unique experience for your clients or to generate extra revenue, than our consultancy services are for you. Let one of our consultants help determine which astronomy experience and related equipment is best suited for your business or home. From hardware, staff training, to the experience itself, let our consultant tailor make astronomy for you.



Building lifelong memory

The Inspiring Skies way is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your business needs. Working with you through each step of the decision-making  process, our result-orientated consultant will create customized astronomy experience for both you and your clients.
Some examples of experiences that our consultants are use to creating, operating and training others to do are as follows: Astronomy Dining
General Viewing - Night
General Viewing - Day
Cultural Astronomy St
Star Parties
Private and Exlcusive Celebrity Events
Corporate Events
Astrophotography Tours



Expert Guidance

Binoculars, telescope, CCD cameras are just some of the equipment needed to truly appreciate the nights sky. If you are looking to set up a telescope at your home or business than let one of our consultants work out what is best for your needs. In doing so Inspired Skies can save you money by making sure you buy only what is required. Furthermore our consultants can help with installation, maintenance and training others to use and take care of your new equipment.

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The Path to Successful Delivery

Having one of our consultants come in to help create your astronomy environment is not all that they are committed to do. Each consultant at Inspiring Skies believes that the success of astronomy outreach relies on the people that deliver it. With this in mind your consultant will take on the role of Teacher for the staff you select. Running a state of the art training program using various in-house and online resources, your staff will learn different areas of astronomy. This will give them the knowledge and confidence to answer questions and present in front of your clients. Topics your staff will learn are:

Public Speaking Skills
The night sky (constellations,etc).

Astornomy (Physics, etc)

Cultural Astornomy/Natural Astrology (Orientation methods, etc)

Equipment use and maintenance

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The clearest way to see the night sky

Would you like to learn how to use your DSLR camera to take amazing photos of the night sky? Or how to process your photos using software like Deep Sky Stacker. What about adding a camera system to your telescope to snap shots at the rings around Saturn? If you would like anything to do with Night Sky photographer be sure to chat with the Inspiring Skies consultant. Whether it is CCD or DSLR, our consultant will be able to ensure that you are taking amazing night sky photos.

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Meeting your needs

Inspiring Skies consultants are able to help with an array of unique astronomy experiences. No matter the medium - private or public (magazine writing, Radio shows, etc). Feel free to get in contact with Inspiring Skies to see how we can tailor make your connection to astronomy,

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